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Mudra Notes: Matangi (Peace)


Peace is the time, is the place, is the motion
Peace is the way we are feeling.

Matangi Flow_01

As you inhale, reach your arms over head, lengthening as high as you can.

As you exhale chant Shanti, which is the vibration of Peace.

Repeat this 12 times

Then, bring your hands into Matangi Mudra (hands clasped, middle fingers extended and pressed together.) Sit in the vibration of Shanti, letting your breath flow freely.

Set an intention of sharing this Peace with all of those around you, allowing it to ebb out continuously to all beings.

Doodling & Writing: Meredith LeBlanc, Pondering Yogini
Photography & Design by Faern, faernworks.com

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Dhyana Mudra

….. Contemplation



Dhyana Mudra

We’re close to the top, limb seven of eight – meditation. Contemplation.

Right hand rests in left, thumb tips joined, symbolizing the form in emptiness.

Release efforts, breathe fully and naturally, sit tall without rigidity.

There is a world within in us, vast and deep. Richer than the one outside. A peaceful oasis waiting for you. Never doubt this, travel there and see.

Pronunciation: dey-ana (long a, as in father)

Meditators tip: place a folded blanket under your hands for support.

Writing: Meredith LeBlanc, Pondering Yogini
Photography: Faern, FaernWorks Photography
Model: Katie Rose

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Mudra Notes: Matangi

Peace at your fingertips


There is a certain awkwardness to clasping the fingers while extending the middle fingers to the sky. In that tension you will find a drainage of discomfort starting with the hands, moving up the arms, and into the body. Behind that release comes the infusion of the lightness of Peace in to your being. As you become peaceful, it passes to those around you, and, to those beyond. Be the vibration of Peace.

Writing & Doodle Credit: Meredith LeBlanc, Pondering Yogini
Photography: Faern, FaernWorks Photography